October Regularity Run

Sunday 16th October 2022

         Organiser: Dick Athow & Barbara Athow

Start:  Airport Cafe, A20 Newingreen

Coffee Stop: Poppies Tea Rooms, Stone Street, Petham

Finish: Drum Inn, Stone Street, Stanford

          Map required: 179


The second round of the 2022/23  Winter Series is now open for entries.  Click On-line Entry for the Entry Form



Entry List

1. Andy Elcomb, Joy Waiton, Mazda Eunos 1992

2. Keith Howard, Graham Mayes, Jaguar MkII 1965

3. Jack Stewart, Matt Davies, Morris Mini Cooper S 1963

4. Graham Banks, Archie Pelling, Volvo Amazon 1970

5. Mark Watson, Sue Watson, Morris Cooper S 1966

6. Gavin Pilcher, Bob Pilcher, Ford Puma 1999

7. Norman Garland, TBA VW Golf GTI 1985

8. Angus Dent, Alec Dent, BMW Z4 2006

9. Andy Kilby, Martine Kilbey MG BGT 1972

10. Nigel Mead, Rosemary Mead, Mazda MX5 1994




Reserve List








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