Winter Series 2016-2017


Our first run in our 2016/17 Winter Series of Sunday morning Regularity Runs will now be on Sunday 20th November 2016.  These events are open to members of the Blackpalfrey MC, the HRCR, the Weald MC, the MGCC and the TR Register. The events are suitable for ‘older’ and ‘newer’ cars and are designed to be good fun and good navigation practice.


The seven events will be run as a Championship Series for Blackpalfrey MC Members : Points 12, 11, 10, etc. for each event and 10 points for each Organiser(s) – the best points total from five events will count towards the ‘Series Awards’. Points will be awarded to CURRENT members at the event.


All events will be run on Sunday mornings and will finish at a pub for lunch. The dates are as below, which will take us up to the HUGHES Historic Rally 2017.


All entrants will be eligible for Individual Event awards.…..and there will be ‘Series Awards’ for: 1st, 2nd and 3rd O/A for Blackpalfrey Members. Other event and Series Awards may be presented….


Blackpalfrey's unique Sunday morning Regularity Runs usually include two timed-to-the-second regularity sections typical of a historic road rally, over a road route of around 60 miles.  From a 10am start, we are usually enjoying a pleasant pub lunch by 2pm.


The Regularity Runs are organised on a 12-car rally permit, so entries are strictly limited to 12 cars


Winter Series 2016/17  Calendar

Date Organiser/s  
23 October Neil Webb & Valerie Hogg Cancelled  
20 November   Neil Webb & Valerie Hogg  
18 December Dave Hughes Cancelled  
8 January John Fowler & Tom Ash  
19 February Andy Elcombe & Joy Waiton  
19 March Charles Harrison & Phil Smith  
2 April Ian Conway & David Laver  
23 April Peter Boyce  


 *** Entry for open events can be made here***  

Click on this link >>  On-Line Entry Form.    Powered byEMF Free Form Builder

Entries made on-line will be provisional until entry fee payment is received.  Details of how to pay will be provided following receipt of entry.  Entry fees will be refunded for entries withdrawn more than 1 week before the event.  


Download this file (Regularity Run Regulations 2016-17.pdf)Regularity Run Regulations 2016/17[PDF]66 kB
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