Kent 100 Rally

Kent 100 Winers 2016

Ian David K100 PC

Ian Conway and David Laver

Congratulations to Ian Conway and David Laver taking the Metro to first place on the 2016 Kent 100.  Having had to substitute the Metro for the P6, due the Rover refusing to start,  they had a successful day driving the route cleanly and not picking up any additional penalties unlike some of the more experienced crews.

The popular Kent 100 Rally will be running again next year and the date will be published early in the New Year.  This event is aimed at encouraging newcomers into the sport as well as appealing to more experienced crews that want to brush up on their regularity skills.  A full report will appear in Highway.

Download this file (Reg_run_results_Kent100Final-1.pdf)Reg_run_results_Kent100Final-1.pdf[ ]75 kB
Download this file (Final Instructions Kent 100 2016.pdf)Final Instructions Kent 100 2016.pdf[ ]493 kB
Download this file (Kent 100 Regs 2016.pdf)Kent 100 Regs 2016.pdf[2016 supplementary regulations]110 kB
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