Membership Application or Renewal

Blackpalfrey's annual subscriptions are only £15 single, £20 for joint (family) members living at the same address or only £5 for under 25's.

Members Subscriptions are due on 31st March each year, but new members who join after 1st January will not need to renew until 31st March the following year.

To join the Club or renew your membership you can now access our online membership system here.  Your details will be held securely and payment is via Paypal, credit or debit card and for those who prefer it cheque.  Our privacy and data protection policy is published below.  For further information about membership please contact our Membership Secretary, John Fowler, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click on the name on the contacts page.


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Forthcoming Events



19th November - Regularity Run

10th December - Regularity Run (Date withdrawn)



7th January - Regularity Run

19th January - BMCK/Weald MC 12 Car Rally

4th February - Regularity Run

25th March - Regularity Run

29th April - Regularity Run

2nd June - Hughes Historic Rally

25th August - Kent 100

7th October - Tour of Kent

28th October - Regularity Run

18th November - Regularity Run

9th December - Regularity Run


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