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Club Rally Championship

The Blackpalfrey Motor Club of Kent Ltd Rally Championship 2017

A. The Blackpalfrey Motor Club of Kent Ltd is pleased to announce a Club Championship for Rally Drivers and Navigators, commencing on 1st December 2016 and finishing on 30th November 2017.

B. Eligibility: For points to qualify the contender must, at the time of the event and at the end of the Championship season, be a fully paid-up member of the BpMCK. 

C. Eligible Events: ‘Timed’ Road Rallies: Rallies, Regularity Runs, Scatter Rallies - BpMCK promoted events / Weald MC events / HRCR Championship Road Rallies plus other ‘rally type’ events (e.g. Le Jog, Rally of the Tests, including non-UK events) in which three or more BpMCK Members start …see paragraph 3 below. If in doubt of eligibility - ask. Where events are run together (eg the Hughes Historic Rally and Hughes Club Rally) the points will be based on the overall positions for the combined event.


Championship Rules

  1. If the BpMCK is an invited Club, in order to obtain BpMCK Championship points, the entry must be under BpMCK. For those eligible events where BpMCK is not an invited Club this entry requirement is waived.
  2. In case of dispute or clarification of these Championship rules, the Championship Administrator’s interpretation will be used. A contender may appeal to the Committee of the Club, whose decision is final (any such appeal must be made within 7 days of the alleged anomaly being published in the Club Magazine or elsewhere).
  3. To claim points a contender should give or email a copy of the results to the Championship Administrator within one month after the publication of the final results (and, in any case, by 5th December).
  4. In the case of equal overall scores, the award will be jointly presented.
  5. The Championship will run from 1st December to 30th November of the Championship year.
  6. The points will be allocated for Overall (O/A) positions as follows (X = number of starters):
       1st O/A : X points, 12th O/A : X-11 points, 20th O/A : X -19 points, etc.  eg 20 starters: 10th position – 11 points / 4th position – 17 points

           12 starters: 10th position – 3 points / 4th position – 9 points
For events with 25 or more starters, half above points will be scored. 
    e.g. 50 starters: 12th position – 19½ points / 23rd position – 14 points          

7. A Perpetual Award will be presented for:

 1st O/A Driver
1st O/A Navigator

A Novice Award for Driver & Navigator will be awarded by the Committee.

Further awards may be presented at the discretion of the Committee…..

Championship Administrator

John Fowler  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  0208 857 7761

Highway Magazine

The Club's newsletter 'Highway' is published monthly by email and the Editor always welcomes contributions from members.  Some recent issues can be viewed on the links below.

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Download this file (Bp MC Highway 2015.06.pdf)Highway June 2015[PDF]705 kB
Download this file (Bp MC Highway 2015.04.pdf)Highway April 2015[PDF]827 kB
Download this file (Bp MC Highway 2015.05.pdf)Highway May 2015[PDF]971 kB
Download this file (Bp MC Highway 2015.03.pdf)Highway March 2015[PDF]728 kB
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